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Security is a risk like every other risk, but it derives from deliberate and determined attempts by individuals, groups, organisations and governments to damage, disrupt and destroy tangible and intangible assets whether they are people, physical infrastructure, data or brands.


We are an independent professional services company with an experienced, multi-disciplinary team that understand the complexities and challenges of managing security risk.

  • Our Vision

    Is to create environments where people can live, work and play safely and where investments are protected from harm and loss. We believe this is a natural outcome of good security risk management and monitoring.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to excellence – anything less is unacceptable. To ensure resilience and risk assurance in an environment where change is a constant, our team has designed a unique security risk management system called PRISM®.

  • PRISM®

    PRISM® gives our clients an aggregate view of their security risk exposure across all assets and risk assurance that their management of that exposure meets international best practice and regulatory requirements 24/7.

    PRISM® is a game-changer that puts the management of security on a level playing field with other risks that hinder economic growth and strategic opportunity.



Our Locations

We are based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, London and Aberdeen with teams working where needed.